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Closed Immunization System




The use of vials and single-use syringes is common practice for many vaccination campaigns and in particular for those employed in harsh field conditions typically managed by UNICEF and other health care organisations acting in out-of-hospital conditions.

Current concept

The concept is established since more than 70 years and has served well in global strives to protect people from infectious disease. The concept does however bring with it some limitations in safety and efficiency. Time is often of the essence to preserve the cold chain for vaccines in field conditions and filling syringes from vials adds to the time needed to undertake the vaccination procedures.


Furthermore, the use of a magnitude of syringes during a short period of time entails an involuntary risk of the re-use of syringes between two or more individuals.


KRUI Medical has developed the Closed Vaccination System™ which is a modern approach to vaccination campaigns where pre-filled syringes are employed rather than vials.

The syringes are fitted with an absolute safe auto-disabling function for each syringe guaranteeing both safety, improved efficiency and the correct dose to each individual.

The concept can be combined with the Dead Space ZERO concept for further optimizing safety and efficacy.

Pre-Filled Syringe w/ Closed Vaccination System (CVS)

PFS CVS Syringe

All of KRUI Medical’s technology developments are optimized for large-scale manufacturing and do not need to add to ultimate product costs.

Please refer to the link below for technology details.



Closed Immunization System

Easy-to-apply Auto-disable features

Exact dosage in the syringe, no needs for vial

Minimized individual sterile package for each syringe

Independent of syringe material (polymer or glass)

Smart Syringes™

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