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Dead Space ZERO

Patient safety and healthcare efficiency

The recent and ongoing vaccination campaigns to prevent from the Covid-19 viruses have highlighted the need for minimizing dead space in syringes used in the extensive vaccination activities initiated.


At KRUI Medical we have taken the concept of minimal syringe residual volume to the extreme where only the needle volume is left after the injection through our Dead Space Zero concept.


What is Dead Space ZERO (DSZ)?

After the injection, only medicine or vaccine residue should remain in the needle channel and inside the needle.

Residual volume

The problems associated with dead space in syringes is well known among clinicians and syringe manufacturers alike. The clinical risks with air embolism is well known among health care workers who are taught to evacuate trapped air in syringes by fingertapping on the syringe cylinder and by pre-injection evacuation of a small volume of the drug to ensure that no air is trapped making exact dosing challenging. Furthermore, a small volume of the drug will remain in the syringe even after an optimal injection procedure due to flow parameters and configuration of the syringe. To the syringe manufacturers it constitutes a technical challenge in their strive to guarantee injection safety, quality and optimal emptying of the syringe. Dead Space ZERO guarantees that pre-filled syringes are filled to the exact dose which and brought to the patient without any risk for transmission of air to the blood stream.

DSZ PFS syringe

The innovative and proprietary technologies are the results of years of innovation and technical development.


Mass manufacturing aspects are key to our developments ensuring that interested licensees can easily start manufacturing without investments in manufacturing tooling.

New concepts

KRUI Medical has developed new concepts to guarantee safe and complete emptying of prefilled syringes irrespective of whether made of glass or polymer materials. The concepts omit the need for pre-injection controls or manipulations to ensure absence of air bubbles at the same time as it completely empties the syringe barrel leaving only the miniscure needle volume of drug remnant after the injection.


Please refer to Products section for technology details.


Dead Space ZERO Technology

Irrespective of syringe type or material allowing for safe and cost-efficient drug handling and injection.

polymer syringe

Staked needle

Glass syringe

Staked needle

No dead volume chamber

No venting needed

No air embolism


The Dead Space ZERO technology completely lacks any kind of flow chamber. The needle channel is directly integrated with the barrel's front surface. The center surface of the sealing plug meets the needle channel in the absolute bottom position.

The "step by step" technology generates a tighter and smoother emptying process for highly viscous biologics drugs, at the end of the injection.

Axial location of the needle in the barrel, direct connection to the front of the sealing plug.

sealing plug

Sealing plug front surface adapted for barrier film​.

Pushes the drug from the periphery to the center of the needle channel.


From the first circular sealing step in contact with the front surface of the barrel​.

To the last (center) circular sealing step in contact with the front surface of the barrel​.

Closes from the periphery to the center, step by step.

syringe animation

Self-destructing breaking construction of the plunger with a "click"-sound. Our Re-Use Preventing (RUP) technology option can be applied on all syringes.

Dead Space ZERO
Polymer syringes

Designed for all sizes, polymer standard syringes PP and PFS polymer COP/COC​ syringes.

The video showcases our Dead Space ZERO technology for polymer syringes.


The circular sealing steps gradually forming a tight seal with the front surface of the barrel.

Dead Space ZERO
Glass syringes

Designed for all glass barrels, independent staked needle, Luer cone, Luer-lock adapter, in all sizes.

Images showcases staked needle and Luer cone syringes.

How can Dead Space ZERO be created without a flow chamber?

We have a flow chamber, although it empties and disappears by itself with our new technology.



Dead Space ZERO technology

Pushes the last of the medicine/ vaccine from the sealing plug periphery to the center

Axial location of the needle in the barrel, direct connection to the front of the sealing plug

Quality improvement and simplified handling technology

No dead volume chamber = No venting needed = No air embolism

The DSZ technique empties all the contents of medicine/vaccine from the syringe. Any medication that remains is inside the inner diameter of the needle

Viscous medicines and vaccines contain active and expensive components, especially biological medicines

Cost-effective manufacturing

The DSZ technology can be applied up to at least 20 ml syringes and down the scale

The DSZ technology can also be applied to PFS polymer barrels (COP, COC)

Patent pending


Needle integration with press fit and (or) polymer melting of the needle channel top


Self-destructing breaking construction of the plunger, when the break is activated, a distinct "click" sound is heard

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